Friday, January 14, 2011

Day of Recovery

Well, the princess Maxine is recovering nicely from some surgery that she had yesterday to remove a large fatty cyst that was under her jaw near her throat.  She's tucked in bed for most of the day and will go back to the v-e-t (we can't say the word ya know) tomorrow to have the drain removed and the dressings changed.  Hopefully Chris and I will then be able to change the dressings from here on out.  Stitches will come out in 10 days!

This is Maxi last summer... she is our special girl!!!!
We've had about 3-4" of snow this week, and it really makes the place look beautiful.  No problems with the lane up to this point, but if we get more snow over the weekend as predicted, we may have to get the tractor out to plow us out.

This is what the lane has looked like with previous heavy snow falls, not this bad just yet thank goodness.

Makes ya kinda wish for spring doesn't it!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

In the Beginning!!!!

In the beginning..... well not really THE Beginning, but more like our beginning at

A couple shots of Tuckaway when we first discovered the property in May of 2007.
The home had always been in the Tucker family..... thus Tuckaway, and was at one time
part of approximately 45 acres.  Well, thank goodness it was down to five when we purchased 
from the estate of Ann L. Tucker, who passed away in January of 2007.
I'm pretty sure that Ann was a lovely person, she never married, and lived in this house her entire life.
We still feel her presence, and other people have as well..... I know her spirit is here,
and our hope is that she is happy with us and how we are caring for her home.

When we purchased the house, we were on the verge of being homeless, as the new owners of our Walnut Hills home were anxious to move in and for us to move out!!!!  Imagine that!!!

So, we found this property at an estate sale which a friend of ours was running.  Chris immediately fell in love 
with the property, and saw lots of potential.... I saw lots of work!!!!  Dodo (Dorothy)
is our estate sale friend, and she had about 3 pages of people that were interested in the property.
Amazing, that we were the only ones that the executor ever knew of that were interested!!!
Funny how things work out isn't it!!!

Well, about 4 weeks later it was ours, along with anything that was left from the estate sale.
Many people do not believe it when they see some of these photos, but this actually is what the inside looked like at the beginning.

Basement with the biggest water heater ever seen!!!!

Living Room with everything that was left after the sale.
The kitchen.... hard to believe we actually did dishes in that sink for about the first 18 months.

We even got Ann's car..... I never drove it, but Chris cruised in it a couple of times!!!!

As you can tell, sweet Ann wasn't much of a housekeeper, but she had no one here to help her.  No family to take her shopping, or help out with any things around the property.
Needless to say we had/have our work cut out for us.

Will post more current pictures as we move along..... gotta keep ya coming back for more!!!!