Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This one's gonna be short and sweet..... a quickie if you will.  My blogging friend Mark needs our support.  You may recall that I've blogged before about Mark, his partner of 20+ years Fred, and their four beautiful children.
 They have adopted these four beautiful children, but now their family could be separated because of Fred's citizenship status and our country's DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).  Please check out Mark's blog here and join in writing to our government on their behalf. 

In 2012, I have a hard time understanding why we need such legislation as the DOMA, who are we really defending, all the straight people that have done such a great job preserving the sanctity of marriage.... I think not!!!!  Please help out by writing, calling, or e-mailing if you can.  I know they'll appreciate your support.

Looks like a pretty "normal" family to me!!!! If there really 
is such a thing!!!!

In case you missed it, here's the link to Mark's blog Our Simple Lives.
Thanks again for your support..... I will now step down from my soap box!

Peace!  Kent
Sorry.... had to do one more pic!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yes, I felt it was time for a facelift.... so here is the new logo for "Two Guys and a Loom" as designed by my sweet friend Meredith!  We've also used this same concept for an Etsy banner, business cards, and product tags.... someone could mistaken us for a real business!!!!
So.... whaddya think.... hello.... I can't hear you, oh wait, there's the thundering applause!!!!  As you can see, the rest of the blog has a fresh new look too, all thanks to Meres!!!!

Some other things around here are getting facelifts too, cuz ya know bathing suit season is fast approaching!  The chicks are getting ready for the season by eating more chicken salad!
What!!!!!  You don't feed your chickens salad??!?!?!
This is a treat that the girls get about once a week, and they love it..... plus it will help them look their best when summer hits and those bikinis come out of the closet!!!

Speaking of the chicks, they're finally starting to earn their keep, or at least one little lady is.  We've been getting one little pullet egg about every other day, although yesterday I found two, so someone else is starting to step up to the plate as well.
Aren't they about the cutest darn eggs you've ever seen?  Plus if my calculations are correct, they're worth about $27.63 each.... who said you can't find a golden egg!!!!
Maxine's back issues are doing better, although she is still on restricted activity and no steps!!!!  So that means Daddy Kent has to carry her up and down the steps at least twice a day, and we have now lowered our mattress to the floor so that she doesn't have to jump up and down..... can ya say SPOILED!!!!!

Had to show you a gorgeous hat that I got from my blogger friend Sharon at In Stitches..... she is just amazing, especially when you consider that she spun the wool from her sheep and a neighbor's, then knitted this lovely cap!!!!

It looks pretty good on Madge, and all natural dyes for my bald little head!!!!
Speaking of my bald head, I got myself some fashion accessories since I thought I could use a little lift too!!!

This is one of my new Oticon hearing aids!!!!  In Chroma Beige of course!!!!
It was interesting when people learned that I was getting hearing aids, their first comment was usually something like..... "Your too young for hearing aids"...... well, hearing loss can effect people at any age, and it is more a factor of genetics and other factors than age alone.  Plus, I was just missing too much in conversations with Chris, my family, and my clients.  So.... hear we are today with hearing aids at the very young age of 4?..... forty-something!!!!

Hope you all are doing well..... would love to hear some comments here on what you think of the new look.... of the blog silly, not the hat, chickens, dogs, or my ears!!!!

Peace!  Kent