Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday Bullets!!!!

Once again, I'm a little slow on the draw and blogposts, but better late than never!  August is a slow Birthday month for our family, but Annika turned 11 yesterday, so we celebrated with her and the family on Sunday.  I'll need to explain just a little bit of background.  My Dad is a pretty sensitive guy, even though he may come across as a "grumpy old man" at times, and one of his life's goals is to be eccentric.  Well, I think he's arrived!!!  Just kidding Dad, and I really think eccentric is a good thing and hope one day to achieve that status myself.  Anyhoozit, one of his past times is going to his 100 acre woods in Southeastern Ohio, and spending time at his little cabin.  The grandkids also like to tag along, and help out, as well as learn a bit about wildlife and nature in a unique setting and with someone they respect and look up to.  Dad has taught each of them about gun safety and a lot of times they'll target shoot while down at the mountain.  Miss Annika (don't let the cute haircut and sparkly clothes fool ya!) has turned into quite the little Annie Oakley, so for her birthday her Pa bought her a box of shotgun shells!  Nanny buys the cute clothes, but Pa really came through on this birthday, and I know they'll have a great time at the mountain blasting tin cans!

Happy 11th Birthday Miss Anni-belle!!!!!
Do you remember when you were 11?  Those were some good times!!!!
There has been some weaving goin' on around here, along with the garden chores and continued work on the chicken coop and hen house.  The goal is to be pickin' up chicks (the little yellow fluffy kind) on the 16th of September.  So this weekend will be a big one working on the windows and roof so those little peeps have a safe dry home.
This is the fourth scarf on the multi-colored warp.  Nice bold stripes, but almost came up short on the oatmeal colored rayon.  I need to plan better!!!!   

Don't you just love to see a box full of yarn arrive!
August was also a bit of stash-building, especially when WEBS had a great closeout on Rayon Chenille.  Got some bulkier weight this time to try out, and will be anxious to get the loom re-warped in a couple weeks.

The Weaver's Guild of Miami Valley is participating in A Wool Gathering in September and asked if I would contribute some rag rugs for them to display at their booth.  I gladly said yes, and only wished that I could help out that weekend, but my brother's stepson is getting married, so too many other commitments going on.  If you happen to be in Yellow Springs Ohio that weekend, be sure and look them up.  The event also happens to be held at one of the best ice cream spots in Ohio, Young's Dairy. Stop by if you can.

Have a great long weekend!  Peace!  Kent


Marty Grunder said...

Love your blog.....following it. You write well Kent.

Sharon said...

What Marty said :)