Sunday, November 20, 2011


Certainly not a word that is used nearly enough, and yes, it's not usually spelled this way, unless you're using a Knifty Knitter!!!!!  If you've never heard of a Knifty Knitter, you are certainly not alone.  They are made by Provo Craft and sold at most craft stores. I was lucky enough to find my set of four at an estate sale for four bucks, cuz ya know I'm cheap frugal!!!  I've tried to learn to knit before, but just couldn't get the hang of it, so for four bucks, and some yarn from the thrift store, what did I have to lose.... not much!

You basically wrap the yarn around the pegs and then with the included hook, take the first set of loops over the second.  The photo above shows only one row of loops.

Hats are probably the easiest items to make on the Knifty Knitter, but you can also knit flat items as well.

Doesn't Madge look sensational in her hat and scarf combo!!!!
The scarf turned out a little bulky, but I love the texture.
A few weeks ago my Mom was recognized at a luncheon as one of Mary Jo's Angels for her work with cancer survivors and with Hospice patients.  This was the first year for the awards, so very proud of her and the work that she's done over the years to make people's lives better during difficult and challenging times.

Not the best picture of me, but a great one of Mom. If you'd like to learn more about Mary Jo's Angels, just click on the link.  Mom was fortunate to have known Mary Jo Cropper throughout her diagnosis, treatment and battle with cancer.  Must have been a truly remarkable woman.

On the home front, the chickens are growing, and have graduated out of the cardboard enclosure to have the entire hen house.  They are really a lot of fun, and I'm glad we took the time with them when they were young to get them tame.  Now, they will come up to you right away and eat out of your hands, and peck at your shoes too!

There's been a little bit of weaving goin' on, but there's also been a lot of outside work to do to get ready for winter.  We've planted a bunch of spruce trees out back, tucked the garden in for winter, and also planted almost five hundred different spring blooming bulbs.  We intended to start a tradition of planting 100 bulbs every fall, but that just didn't happen, so this year it was time to catch up!!!! 

Honest, that orange is really more of a rust color.  Hopefully Santa brings me a digital camera so I can stop using my phone for photos!
While I'm downstairs weaving, Henry is usually on the kitchen floor at the top of the steps.  He's never to far from my side.
Maxi on the other hand, really could care less where I'm at, and at ten, she prefers to be snuggled up on the bed!  I want to be my dogs!!!!!
This week is Thanksgiving, and I can't believe all the ads and hoopla over the shopping on "Black Friday"!!!!  What a bunch of nonsense!.  I love Thanksgiving, because it's so much more about family and just being together.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas too, but we tend to keep things much simpler.  We do very little gift buying, and tend to give gifts of time and togetherness.  For the last couple of years, we've gotten our parents tickets to go to the theatre with us, and that has been great, instead of more stuff that just sits around and collects dust.  My brother and his family limit gifts for their kids to three gifts each, representing the three gifts that Christ received from the Magi.  I love that idea.... what traditions do you have to keep the holidays more meaningful?

Happy Thanksgiving!  Peace!  Kent


Hilary said...

Love the or not.

Cassie said...

1. Madge DOES look Great! I'll expect you and Chrissy to be sporting a cap and scarf at Kamp Krusty this spring.
2. Congratulations to Nancy! Well BOTH look great!
3. The chickens are growing so fast! Beautiful - can't wait to meet 'em and feed 'em.
4. Rugs look wonderful. I Love the colors! Krusty wants one...he's tired of store bought...doesn't mix well with his vintage flair!
5. Same for me with our 4-legged children...Henry is like my Sampson. Maxi is like Delilah.
5. You have always been generous with your time. Yourself. No surprise to hear that it is a family tradition around the Holidays to focus on that. I happen to know first hand that it is not limited to the Holiday season. For that my friend, I am forever grateful.

Love hugs and kisses...

Bonnie said...

Beautiful rug, I love the hat and scarf. Nice picture of you and your mom.

Carla said...

Great post! You guys have been busy!

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Thanks Ladies!!!! Cassie.... Kamp Krusty will have a new rug by Christmas, and it will definitely have a "vintage flair"!!!

Sharon said...

Yeah, we cut Christmas trees on Black Friday.

I beg to differ, that was a very good picture of you with your fantastic mother. What a model she is for your life choices, a Mom to give thanks for.