Monday, January 23, 2012

Gone to the Dogs!!!!

Sure.... they look all cute and innocent, but they are thieves!!!!  They are stealing us blind, robbing our bank accounts and just wreaking havoc wherever they go!!!!
Haven't posted in a bit, mainly because I've been playing chauffeur to these to heathens.  Maxine (on the left) came down with a slipped disc in the middle of her back in late December.  Once we figured out what the problem was, she was immediately put on bed rest.  That means never off the leash outside, and she has to be carried up and down the steps.  Our v-e-t (ya know you can't say that word out loud) is wonderful though, instead of a 3-5,000 dollar surgery, we have been doing laser treatments 2-3 times a week, followed up by chiropractic visits.  Yes, you read it correctly, re-read it if you must, but she goes to the chiropractor at $45.00 a pop!!!!  Can you tell we love these too.

Meanwhile.... not to be outdone by Princess Maxi, Prince Henry decides to have anal gland issues (I'll spare you the details, but trust me, it wasn't pretty!) followed up by a bladder infection!  He's now on antibiotics for two weeks and then another round of bloodwork to make sure the infection is cleared up.

I sometimes wonder what we did before we had dogs, and then I sometimes dream of being a dog-free home, although I know that will never happen.  We love these two just like family, and are willing to make the sacrifices (and right the checks) to keep them healthy and happy!   After all, wouldn't you do the same for a member of your family?
So for now, Princess Maxi rests comfortably on our bed healing a sore back.

Her life if so rough!
Speaking of rough..... Prince Henry just left tonight for a date with a bitch (hey, don't blame me, that's what they call 'em in the dog world) from Colorado.  Her flight arrived this afternoon, and they will "hook up" this evening.  He'll be back home on Thursday evening, and we'll be back to a normal (if there can be such a thing) routine!

Isn't he a handsome boy!!!!
So, I guess there's not much more to say other than we love our pooches, and life at Tuckaway just wouldn't be the same without them!  I'll leave you with a final question..... What would you do for love?!?!?!

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Peace!  Kent


LA said...

My Parker had both of his knees replaced when he was I understand your logic completely! They ARE part of the family!

Sharon said...

Yeah, I "oopsed" today and said walk without spelling it - mad mud outside. Oddly, just today we talked about maybe changing vets for our dogs.

I would have a hard time changing Charlie's small animal vet, a couple who felt they could no longer handle large animals. Now we're trying to decide whether to mingle our menagerie under one vet?? What LA said, they're part of our family.

Restless Knitter said...

At first glance, I thought Maxine was laying on a heating pad for her sore back haha

Spinning Out of Control said...

I used to know a bitch from Colorado...oh wait, probably not the same person...:/

Bonnie said...

Oh, yeah. What we do for our 4 legged family members. What else. they are family.