Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Funny!!!!

Do you sometimes feel like this lady, a little out of control, just hanging on for dear life!!!!
Sometimes I feel that way, and not totally in control of what's going on in my life.  This was one of those weeks.  Went back to work on Wednesday, after 12 days off, and re-entry was a little rough, add to that both dogs having issues, it just doesn't make for a smooth week!

I did get some weaving done over my break, but now I have an empty loom!!!!
But..... that enabled me to get the sectional beam put on that has been sitting in the corner for over a year!!!!
This is one of the scarves that came off of the loom, and was a gift for our family's Christmas exchange.  My brother's stepdaughter Chelsea was the lucky one that ended up with the scarf, and it looked great on her.
Not too many holiday photos, but thought this was a good one of my Mom, me, and my younger brother Tim.
Dad, Tim and me..... three of the four Sholder men, my older brother Kevin is missing.
Since the upstairs loom is empty, this will be next to go on.  A warp for table runners.  A new venture for me, but looking forward to using some "cutter" vintage tablecloths for the weft.  Nothing like re-purposing something and giving it a new lease on life.

Sometimes that's what we all need is a new lease on life, or at least a new outlook on life!!!!

Peace!!!!  Kent


Hilary said...

I feel like that lady a LOT of the time.

LA said...

That loom is screaming for a warp...get busy!!!!

Mark said...

Kent, why didn't you mention that you were so cute? I would have been nicer to you. ha!
Yes, welcome back to life. December was a hard month for me but I think I'm just now getting my groove back.
Don't tell anyone that I was blogging on the weekend. I make a big deal out of telling folks that I don't.
Have a good weekend and hopefully you'll find your "missing" brother, Kevin. He gotta be around there somewhere.

Spinning Out of Control said...

The picture of the woman on the sled is hilarious and frightening all at once. I mean, she's obviously going to die...and the audience is just sitting there watching it happen, lol! Sorry, I have a sick sense of humor. The scarf is beautiful, btw.

Sharon said...

A new something, eh? I agree. Happy New Year, Kent.