Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby Steps

Be careful..... I know it's been less than twenty-four hours since my last post, so if you are feeling faint or having any other strange symptoms, step away from the computer and call 911 right away.... just make sure you come back.  I know I won't be doing much posting through the week, as I have a full calendar at work this week, so thought I'd better double up.
Things at Tuckaway sometimes take a long time to see progress.  Good example is our chicken coop.  I really, really want chickens!  In February of 2009 our neighbor down the lane had an old building that he didn't want anymore, and it looked to me to be the perfect chicken coop.  Fortunately our lane can get pretty icy, but when you need to move a chicken coop a quarter of mile, the ice comes in handy!
There's Chris driving the tractor, pulling the chicken coop!

In the home stretch!
Not a great picture, but the coop is in place.
Ta Da!!!!!
So, fast forward to April 3, 2011..... today we re-leveled things and installed the upcycled storm door that Chris salvaged from a job site.  I can almost see the chickens.... now we just need to get the rest of the stuff out of the coop!

Had to take a lot of trim off, remove hardware, and pull a ton of nails!
Isn't this stone perfect!!!  We hauled that from my Dad's mountain land in Southeastern Ohio.  Had a couple of guys from work get it set last year, and it will be a perfect step into the coop.
Finishing touches on the door.

Next step, and remember, it will be a baby one.... re-do the windows and put up the fence.  We already have the windows, salvaged from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
I also had some time to do some weaving today.  Finished up the rug from yesterday, and then finished another one this morning while Chris was doing paperwork. 

This one is shades of rust, browns, tans and creams.  Not bad, and will be a good sized rug to add to the inventory!

Here's what the cloth beam below looks like.  There are seven rugs down there, and definitely time to get them off.
Everyone have a great week.

Peace!  Kent


LA said...

So....I guess the road ice can come in handy after all! Glad the chicken coop is close to being ready.

Bonnie said...

Chicken will be next?? Nice coop.

Sharon said...

Chickens will be perfect for your place. My brother would let them roam free when he was in the yard and they were a hoot to watch. That chicken shed is a great catch - good repurposing! Like the rugs. Can't wait to get back to the loom next week!

Linda said...

Hey the door looks great! Ah, the coop is armed with ADT???!!!!!