Sunday, April 17, 2011


Aside from the privacy living in the woods provides, we also get the added benefit of finding morels every Spring.  These delectable little gems pop up usually after a couple of days of extremely warm temperatures which we had last Sunday.... up to 82 that day.  Then the picking begins!!!!
Aren't they gorgeous!!!!
One of the tricks is getting to them before the neighbors that live in the 'hood behind and beside us.  For some reason when it comes to picking morels, they have a hard time seeing those No Trespassing signs!!!

This week was also my birthday, April 14th, so have had a busy but fun week spending time with Chris and my parents.  My folks gave me an early birthday gift a couple of months ago of a great set of cookware.  The stuff we had been using was in pretty bad shape and has now been turned over to the scrap yard!!!!

Chris surprised me with a Kindle!!!!!  I was so excited, have been thinking about getting one, but I also love seeing books on a shelf too.  It will certainly come in handy for times when we travel or are away from home, which isn't that often, but looking forward to playing with that a bit today.

Yesterday we spent most of the day with my parents (Butch and Nancy).  Was a great day to have lunch out and do some shopping, as the weather was gloomy and spat rain most of the day.  We took them to one of our new favorite restaurants, Coldwater Cafe in Tipp City Ohio.  They have a great lunch and dinner menu and the desserts are made from scratch and out of this world!!!!

This was my dessert, a delicious Coconut Cake with real whipped cream!

Chris stuck with his traditional English Tea Cake, that is drenched in the richest, buttery sauce you can imagine.
Since my folks had not been to Coldwater before, I encouraged Mom to try the five layer, yes five, Carrot Cake with white chocolate cream cheese icing.  Don't let her size fool you, she ate the whole thing!!!!  (Just kidding.... my Dad had a few bites, I had a couple, and then she took half of it home.)
Had a most enjoyable time, and even had time to visit an antique store or two and a huge gallery, that unfortunately was mostly pottery from one artist.

I did have time to visit my favorite Thrift Store this week, and found this.......

She's a bit androgynous, but I think she'll work out great for photography scarves and a display piece at shows.  Any suggestions for a name?

Have a great rest of the weekend!!!!!  Peace!  Kent


Willow said...

Mmmmm, mushrooms!

Willow said..., that funny. I forgot I sat my google account up with the dogs name.....aka

Bonnie said...

Nope, not a mushroom fan. So many nice names. How about Sophie?

Anonymous said...

she looks like an Audrey

Theresa said...

Yum, morels! We have them too here in Oregon, fall is usually our best picking time but spring can be pretty fine too. Happy Birthday, you'll love your Kindle. I put all my every day book reading onto it and use my shelf space for picture heavy books and manuals, weaving books, etc. Works out well.

Sharon said...

First of all, that was a wonderful post and Happy Birthday to you sir. A name? Ebon?? I know what you mean about cookware. Ian and I bought ourselves a stainless set at an after Christmas Macy's sale a couple years ago. I had no idea it would make such a different.

And oh yeah baby, I love my Kindle. I find myself still reading a lot from the library, but the Kindle is great for the books I want and the library didn't buy. Birthdays can't get better than that.

Roberto said...

How about 'Aida' for a name?

Susan said...

Happy Birthday!

Why not Madge? (as in Madge Manikin) myself and Dorothy of Little Garth Lochmaben weaving blog both have Madge's and we'd be honored if you'd make it a trio.

Morels: many years ago when we lived on our boat, our neighbour brought home a full flat of morels that missed their flight. (he worked for KLM airlines) We were given a healthy chunk of the flat and were using them in everything, drying them and finally in the end, we even composted some. It was 10 *pounds* of morels. I haven't touched them since.

The next goody that came home after missing a flight was lobsters.... four box loads...what a feed up that was!


~ Phyllis ~ said...

I enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Your Mom's Carrot Cake looks yummy.