Saturday, April 2, 2011


OK..... I must admit that I've never seen the show Hoarders or some such thing on cable.  We don't have cable because we are too far off the road, and more than that, we're too cheap!  It's hard enough finding a show worth watching on the five local stations that we get.  Chris came down to the studio/laundry room/lower level (doesn't that sound much better than basement!) today and he was a little overwhelmed!  I have been purchasing a lot of fabric lately, but when you can get it for $ 2.00 or less a yard, I just can't pass it up!!!!
This is the pile of fabric that is waiting to be washed and then processed.  Most of this came from a local Thrift Store that I try to stop at once a week on my way home from work.  They usually have some good yardage and decent scraps.  The manager has indicated that they have a ton of fabric at the warehouse.... now just how am I going to get in there!!!!  
See those jeans.... 50 cents a pair.... a different Thrift Store in town has a sale every Monday with a certain color tag only 50 cents!!!!  I do get a few looks as I go down the ladies aisle, but it's all part of the game!!!  Haven't been there in a while, and from the looks of it, that's not a problem!

I consider this "building my stash" as opposed to hoarding, so hopefully you won't see us on an episode of Hoarders!!!  I do need to stay focused on getting fabric processed, but am considering some options.
Doesn't it feel great when you get a bunch of stuff done! Now this batch just needs to be organized by color and wait to inspire me!!!! 
This tub is of all mixed fabrics which will become what I affectionately call "Nanny Rugs", both after my Great Grandmother and my Mom who my nephews and niece all call Nanny.

They turn out to be just great old-fashioned rag rugs that will last for years!!!!
I do love to see a package on the porch when I get home, sometimes fabric, sometimes something almost as good!
This week our seed order arrived!!!!  That has to mean that Spring can't be too far away.  We put out a decent sized garden, and usually start things by the middle of April, although this year we're ahead of the game and have been picking lettuce out of the cold frame for a few weeks.  It was planted last Fall, and overwintered nicely.  The garlic that I planted last Fall, is also up, and just a few sprigs of asparagus are poking through.  Since the asparagus was just planted last year, we won't be able to pick any until next season, but it will be so good!!!!
Some of the wonderful varieties from Harris Seeds.  There are probably six varieties of lettuce, some beans, two types of cucumbers, and our garden would not be complete with out a beet called Long Season Lutz.  If you've never grown this beet, you must give it a try.  It is a large beet, but it never gets woody or pithy!  Sometimes my Mom has had beets so large that one will fill a quart jar.  They are wonderful pickled and really taste great through the winter.  For some reason both of us love beets now, but neither of us liked them growing up.  Of course there are a few packs of radishes, carrots, and I'm again growing soybeans (edamame) for you fancy types.  These were great last year, especially stir fried with some chicken or pork.

Final pic is of my buddy Henry!  He is always right by my side when I'm home.  If I'm not home and Chris is, he hangs out with him, but he is definitely my boy!  Maxine is a much more independent gal, and she really would rather be by herself laying on the bed or in her crate.  We used to have to coax her to come down for dinner, but now she knows that if she doesn't get to her bowl soon enough, Henry will clean things up for her.  Hope everyone is having a happy and safe weekend. 

Peace!  Kent


Hilary said...

Better be careful......this is how CRAZY as a Loom got her start!!!

LA said...

Nanny Rugs!!! I LOVE it! And, that one is beautiful! I don't call it hoarding when it's part of my stash...I'm going to be using it, after all. That's the difference (and you just keep repeating that!)

re'New said...

Wow, you are paying for jeans? Try spreading the word with coworkers, family, groups, etc. Before you know it, you WILL BE overwhelmed with jeans and they won't have cost you a penny! I'm considering putting a little sign on the door telling people I will take their jeans if they pay me! lol... wish that worked ~ I would be rich :)

Bonnie said...

Wow! What a stash. Lots of rugs to be made. Fun! fun! That Nanny rug is really pretty.

Sharon said...

I loved this post - it made me laugh so that Ian said - What? I can use laughs when it's always gray and never spring.

Your mom and my mom - what's with beets? Mother juiced a concoction from beets and coconut milk that she tried to sell me as a desert drink. I never wanted to admit to her, but it was actually good.

Loves your pups. Mine should be so gentile.

Theresa said...

Fiber stash does not equal hoarding, nope, no way, not at all! And the Nanny rugs are just perfect. Makes me smile just to think of them. Hope you get lots of smiles and warm memories using them.
Oh, the garden is already full of possibilities! I'd say that makes it spring for sure. And Henry is a handsome fellow and look how clean and fluffy he is! My white dog rather looks "tea (mud)" stained about now and I shudder to wonder how many shades lighter the dark ones might become once it's warm enough for baths.

gail said...

The room is beautiful Kent. the material looks very organized. The rugs are beautiful. Love to all. Gail

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Thanks so much for encouraging the stash building! It shall continue! Henry probably looks so fluffy because last Saturday was spa day for he and Maxi.... they get to go every two weeks, Daddy, maybe once every two years!