Friday, February 25, 2011

Scarf Season!

Here in Ohio, it is still winter, we had another inch or so of snow this morning before dawn, and the strange thing about it there was also thunder with the storm.  Even the dogs got woken up by it this morning around 5 or so.  Way to early for me!!!!

There has been some weaving going on around here too!!!  Primarily weaving scarves.  The blue and white one above is a combination of two yarns, one rayon chenille and one wool.  The warp is white 10/2 bamboo set at 10 epi.  These turned out very nice, but I think the bamboo is a little stiff.  Even after wet finishing them, they don't have the soft drape that I was hoping for.

The bamboo warp has been totally woven off, and the next warp is on the loom.  The photos above are of the next batch of scarves, using all rayon chenille.  The warp is a random stripe of very warm, earthy tones with some rust and light cream tossed in for good measure.  The warp is again set at 10 epi, and I think I wound about 14 yards of warp on this time, so we should be able to get 6 scarves out of this one warp.  The weft is rayon chenille in a warm amber color, in fact I think the color is called "Amber Lights" 1399 ypp (yards per pound), so these should be soft and luxurious!!!!

Here's a close up of the warp threads at the back of the loom as they go through the heddles.  There are 100 threads back here that each have to be pulled through those little metal rods, and then through the beater bar at the front of the loom..... if you're a weaver, you're bored by now, if you're not, you're probably thinking why in the world would anyone want to do this!!!!  And keep in mind, the scarf is only 10" wide!!!!

Will try and post again tomorrow.... had lunch with Michael Bolton's wife this week, and she wants to see updated kitchen photos!!!! 

Peace!  Kent

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Sharon said...

Those look like Gilmore heddles to me. I've never put on a warp that long - yikes!