Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Wow.... sorry for not posting a bit more frequently, but a full time job does take priority at times!!!!  We have been doing some weaving along with hauling firewood, dealing with dogs and numerous other activities.  Won't bore you with all the details, other than Princess Maxine is doing much better and had her staples removed last Monday.  There were 15 staples on the under side of her neck/throat area, the good news is that the biopsy came back negative!!!!

We finally have both looms warped and have been doing some weaving, especially today since we had a major ice storm/snow event overnight.  An electric line (Chris thinks a neutral wire) came down along the main lane last evening, and is right across the section of lane that comes back to our house.  So it forced me to stay home from work, and Chris didn't have anything scheduled for today either..... so let's weave!!!!

I've been working on the Union in the lower level (basement) that has a 34" warp on it in earthy tones.  We have a special order piece that we need to weave, but thought I'd crank out a few other rugs first. 

This is what we call a "Bonnie" rug... which is a solid body and this one has two stripes of coordinating fabric at the ends of the rug.
Here's another shot of the rug, looking back towards the warp beam of the loom.  The warp is set at 8 epi with approximately 70 yards wound on the back beam!!!   That's a lot of rugs.

Another rug that's already been done and is wound on the cloth beam in front is one using a fleece that was given to us by a friend. It made a really nice fluffy rug.  Can't wait to get it off the loom and tied up.

Sorry for the blurry picture.... hopefully my photography skills will get better as we go along!!!!

Chris has been hard at work on some rayon chenille scarves..... he's not real happy with the white bamboo warp, so after this warp is woven off, I'm sure we'll be doing some earthy tones of rayon chenille for the next warp!!!! 

Doesn't that look great..... hard to believe this is the first scarf that he's woven!!!!  Not bad eh!!!!

He did a double stripe of a mixed rayon chenille yarn, and it really looks sharp.   Looks like it will be a pretty luxurious scarf!!!!!

Well, back to the office for me tomorrow...... .thanks to Walt who volunteered to pick me up at the end of our lane.  Should be a brisk 1/4 mile walk for me in the morning!!!!! 

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Sharon said...

I didn't realize you just started your blog - it looks great. My original entries were pretty pathetic. I don't have a basement or a Union but I love seeing what you're doing. I'm curious about the photo of the cloth beam. What creates the spots of color on your rug? Were you weaving with stripped cloth? I just bought some yesterday and am looking forward to seeing how it looks~