Saturday, February 5, 2011

UFO Landing!!!!

Well, I know that UFO's are usually spotted in Nevada and the desert areas of the US, but we had one land here this morning on our birdbath!!!!!
Can't wait to see if any little aliens come out, and why in the world did they pick the birdbath to land in!!!!  It's really a cool little gadget that Chris got to keep the water moving.  The birdbath already has a heater, so now our feathered friends have their own little jacuzzi!!!!!

Apparently they are drawn more to moving water, and then in the summer it will help keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the birdbath.  I think the name of the gizmo is Water Wiggler or something like that.  He got it at a local wild bird food store here in town.  I think you should get one for your birds, or at least the heater.  More birds die each winter from dehydration than from starvation!  Take care of our feathered friends!!!!

I made it back to work on Thursday and Friday, but Chris has been trapped since we can't drive over the wire that is across our lane.  Uggggh!   In fact the lane is so icy that FedEx will not pull down to deliver anything.  Chris had to go to the airport yesterday to pick up a check that was to be delivered, only to find out that they sent it back out on the delivery truck.  At least he and our neighbor Mike got to have lunch out!!!!

So, if you can't go anywhere, you may as well weave.  Chris has been weaving on the bamboo warp using rayon chenille (1400 ypp).  His latest creation is using two different colors of yarn and clasping the weft at different points to create a really neat scarf.  Kind of reminds me of an EKG reading thing at the hospital!!!!

Hope everyone is safe and warm today! 

Peace!  Kent


Crunchy said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That is just gorgeous! I'm envious of the talent!

bspinner said...

Love this scarf!

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Thanks bspinner!!!!
BTW Crunchy... .hope all your kiddies are feeling better!!!!